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 Returned back to Nepal after a month of stay in USA. Only looser applies for TPS or extend Visa.
SAVE! for ease of future access.
Posted on 03-11-23 11:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Unlike some TPS seeking loser of Nepal living in USA . i returned  to my home country.

The reason I went to US was to attend university organized seminar. Phew,  the visa related immigration hassle given by American embassy was insanely hectic that I ran into believe that entering to USA from illegal ways or using loop holes like fake spouse visa like F2 or exchange visa like J category would have been easier than applying for legit visitors visa which is B category.

May be we need more rules for these redneck and Nepali American entering to Nepal too over vistor visa as a subtle form of retaliation given to Nepali citizen in the name of visa interview. Or system that are capable of investigation of citizenship of Nepalese people who has lost there way to USA for 10 + years and suddenly re appear or some redneck who keeps entering Nepal every year. 

Nepal government advising solo foreigner trekker making the use compulsory guide services is good approach i believe.

I hope Maiost government go abit harder in diplomacy with American and there ambassador since the former gay Ambassador and his dearest nepali Congress member were busy sucking each other in the name of country diplomacy while countries citizen cry out for visa hassle they have to face during the visa interview or to schedule the visa appointment.
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Posted on 03-11-23 1:16 PM     [Snapshot: 47]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कत्ति रुन्छस ए
Posted on 03-11-23 2:08 PM     [Snapshot: 74]     Reply [Subscribe]
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जे जसरी गयौ खोजि नीति तिर नलागौ | सिकेको शिपलाइ नेपालमा प्रयोग गरि कामले सानो र ठुलो हुदैन भन्ने कुरा शिकाउछौ भन्ने लागेको छ | तिम्रो पौरख देखाउ अनि हामि पनि फर्किने बिचारलाइ मजबुत बनाउन सहयोग गरोस |
Wish you all the best.
जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी |

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Posted on 03-11-23 11:29 PM     [Snapshot: 217]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hmnn...Grapes are sour for some people well....

First too many grammatical errors, brother. You should have stayed back and brushed up on your English, but since you are gone, it is better late than never to amend what you have done wrong here.

# "Return" does not come together with "back". It is just "Returned to Nepal...."
# It is "loser" not "looser"!!
# "....applies for TPs or extends visa". Find yourself what you did wrong there.
# "....that I ran into a belief (not believe)..."
# I see you are using too many "like this", "like that". Not recommended. Too casual!
# You do not have to give that lengthy deskription about the different kind of visas to us. If your hate speech is for people who are in US already, we all of us very well know about those various visa categories already. Avoid the redundancy, bro.
# I got like 60% of what you are trying to say regarding naturalized Nepalese entering Nepal on visitor visa. You need to be articulate with what you want say, but well I hope while you are there in Nepal, you will work towards institutionalizing some kind of retaliation to Nepalese people who have taken up American citizenship and are trying to visit Nepal on and off.
# Did not follow there what kind of law has Prachanda formulated regarding "solor freigner trekker making the use of compulsory guide", Are you hallucinating? On weeds?
# So you so wanted to visit US but then the US consular did not allot you the visa quite easily like you may have wanted. Now when you have left after getting a chance at your visitor visa, you have nothing but all this venom to spew for your fellow Nepalese. Dude, most of us all went through the same route that you have taken. We went for interview, we proved ourselves and gotten the visas to US. We tried our best and made the most of the opportunity here. We were not among the ones who was about to burn the American flag just because we were not granted the visas. We tried and we appreciate what we got in back.
# Practice gratitude, bro! Goes a long way!

Posted on 03-12-23 1:08 AM     [Snapshot: 258]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कुईरे को फुसीहरु फेरि खुट्टा तान्न आए |

Love is overrated we need to thrive and live on hatred. Lets spread combine hatred towards Burecrates working on behalf of America starting from Sajha.

This is not the first American burecrates has harrased some Nepal citizen we all might have encounter how Nepali parents on there 50+ crying infront of young chinese or Indian or other Asain or mexican looking American consulate officer for the grant of US visa so they could meet there kids. This is not limited on immigration hassle Nepalese has to face the way how former US ambassador lobbied Shere chiks to supress MCC protest using Nepal police.

यी  नेपालीहरु आफूलाई नपरे सम्म कुइरे ले बनाएको system मा रमाउने खलका मान्छे ले शायद नबुjaलान | अहिले नेपाली लाई खाँचो भनेकाई अमेरिकी visa हो जबकि चीन जस्तो देश मा COVID मा पनि सञ्चालन भएको थियो immigration interview while Nepalese are still facing visa backlog there visa interview is still on pending back here in Nepal. At the same time first world nation has ESTA that grants them to visit any other white nation on arrival visa.

 Lets not forget about the US visa rejection rate in Nepal। I heard to the point American embassy in Nepal don't want to show US visa rejection rate as the rate is lower than Indian. Again, cock sucker Nepal asking for TPS extension on every year has played a major role on why the visa rate for Nepal is low or why some चिंके looking visa officer don't trust Nepalese.

Us embassy just provide the data of how many applied for the Visa no data on yearly acceptance or rejection which already proves from where the funding coming is from to run Embassy here in Nepal.

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Posted on 03-12-23 10:24 AM     [Snapshot: 351]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fusi kuraa gare ta EVD2023 hos | teskaa baauaamaale chiaamaari gareko din daadu le piyaane gareko hunu parchha

Posted on 03-12-23 11:02 AM     [Snapshot: 368]     Reply [Subscribe]
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के भनेको लोग्नने तैंले?

यो मुजी @Benedict ले मेरो कती सम्म चियो चर्चा गर्दो रहेछ भनेर मलाई ताजुब लाग्छ आश्चर्य लाग्छ। अमेरिाबासीसँग हामी सबै नेपाली हरु ले अव retailitation गर्नु पर्ने भाको स्थिति देख्यौ । हाम्रो पनि immigration officer ले अमेरिकी नागरिकहरु लाई किन आको , बैंकमा कती पैसा छ, कतै ईसाई धर्म फलाउन पो आएका हुनकी , की हाम्रो बाल बच्चा माथि sexual exploitation गर्न नेपाल छिरेका हुन की pedophil, यिनी हरु को पुलिस रिपोर्ट , financial document, intention to travel and employment history जस्ता डकुमेन्ट पनि ल्याउनु नेपाल छिर्दा भनेर एउटा कानुन बनाउनु पर्ने हो।

अमेरिका इस्तित नेपाली दुतावास मा आउनु अगाडि सबै document online बुझाउनु पर्ने कानुन ल्याउनु पर्दछ and only eligible should be allowed to enter Nepal.

नेपाल मा बसेका अमेरिकी citizenship धरी फेसबुक, युट्युब, tiktok र Twitter even reddit मा कसरि देश लुन्त्ने भन्ने भनेर हरेक दिन फरक एजेण्डा बनाएर बसेका छन ।

यस्ता देश का धमiरा हरु लाई लकेट्नु पर्दछ। I think they are still hiding there American passport and has been using Nepali passport. These kind of people citizenship history needs to be checked out. Its surprising to see them running many hotels, it company, social organisation. Many of them has entered political parties too. I believe they are using these resturant to flourish there Hundi business despite there resturant are barely have customer

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Posted on 03-12-23 11:11 AM     [Snapshot: 372]     Reply [Subscribe]
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त रन्डी को छोरो पुती मुखे लोगन्ने खाते मचिक्ने, काले हप्सिको लाड़ो चुसुवा, अरूको थ्रेडमा आएर जे पाए तै भन्न लाजलाग्दिन। की तँलाई पनि American राजदूत Randy Berry वा त्यो तेस्रो लिङ्गी मेक्सिकन भिसा officer ले चुस्न दियो यति भन्न लाई ह?
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Posted on 03-12-23 11:43 AM     [Snapshot: 406]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ke ke gare bhisaa paaeko rahichhas | nepal pahelo dress maa jaane bhais ki kyaa ho ? Sojho ko daajubhaai paris jasto chha
Posted on 03-12-23 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 436]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तेरो दिमाग त ठीक ठाउँ मा छ? बरु जा नजीकै अस्पतालमा गएर जाँच गर । को के कसको दाजु भाई? किन बेला बेला फुस्किने रोग छ तँलाई?

नपत्या मेरो साझा को history हेर ,म कसै लाई पनि चिन्दीन केइ पाइला पैलाको साझाको लेख हरु एक दुई जना बाहेक।
Posted on 03-13-23 12:00 AM     [Snapshot: 600]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Xkavre maderchod aba nepal jaaa ra aba thamel ko vaalu plus transgender haru lai thokna thaal . Ta jasto maderxhod ko america kaam pani chaina . Thukka muzeee jabo euta visa pani lina sakinas hai nepal gayera. Hunata gulo jasto angrezi chha consular le tero boli sunera pani visa diyena hola . Tesko bau eutai sentence ma 2 -2 choti eutai meaning aauney word use gareko cha . To boulaha bennedict le thik bhaneko ho . Stop avoiding redundancy bhanera. Bennedict boulaha le ta tero adhyan ko yesari hatya garyo ni kurai nagar… tero chak bata dandi chhirayera tero mukh bata nikaali diyo .huda huda talai muzee nepal ma aako khaire ko guide sudda hu bhanyo . K ta muzeee aba khaire ko bag bokera boudanath thamel swayambu ghumaney kaam garchas lwadey.
Logan khatey ko ta kurai nagarr yesko budi kale sanga bhaageko talai thaha chaina ra ?? Yo jhaarey 2 inchi ko budo gulo kaam nagaresi yesko budi bhaageko bhanera aru sawai sajha waasi lai thaha cha . Yo haraami lai parkinson disease le satayeko chs . Afule lekheko yesle afai ta bujdaina .. ta hami le k bujchau ra ? Yeslai eklai chhodidey .
Posted on 03-13-23 10:42 AM     [Snapshot: 704]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sorry you had to go through such hassles for your visa. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the states and are going back with improved skill set in your area of expertise.
Nepal needs prodigies like you! I appreciate you and I wish you the best.
Posted on 03-13-23 11:59 PM     [Snapshot: 886]     Reply [Subscribe]
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That last line was purely a sarcasm.

Anyway i was rejected few times before i got visa. That too after bribing someone from Nepal political party to some Nepali working at American Embassy to get the visa appointment date quickly and appear as my translator during my visa interview.

I lost so much of money during the whole process. Fuck
Posted on 03-14-23 10:16 AM     [Snapshot: 982]     Reply [Subscribe]
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लौ साझा बासिहरु अरु को नाम को अघि भीनाजु थपेर भिनाजु भएको ठानी रमाउने कस्तो मान्छे होला ?

यसले जे जति कुरा बयान गर्छ उसको आफ्नै कथा र ब्यथा हो | बिचरा औसधोपचार गर्न पनि यसको दिमागले दिदैंन | किन चाउरिस मरिच भन्दा आफ्नै पिरले भन्थ्यो रे यसको पनि तेस्तै स्थितिमा गुज्रदै छ | साझा नछिरी खाएको पच्दैन , अनि मेरो नाम देखे पछि बोहुलाउन थाल्छ , यसको धागो र जबाफले जनाउछ | यो पनि मरिच चाऊरिए झैँ चाऊरिने भो | नेपालमा होलास पाटन अस्पताल गइ हाल, उपचार पाए पछि ठिक होलास अनि बाउ मामा लाइ अलिक राहत होला | साझामा अरुको नाम अघि भिनाजु थपि बस्ने नागो नै हुनु पर्छ |

Posted on 03-14-23 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 1010]     Reply [Subscribe]
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They are kfc kwality food cafe or kkfc cannot even pick a name.
Posted on 03-16-23 2:23 AM     [Snapshot: 1290]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Salute xkavre!
Posted on 03-16-23 2:25 PM     [Snapshot: 1418]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Mr. Crybaby xkavre,
Life is not fair for all of us, brother.
You think everyone in my circle got the visa in the first attempt itself? Dude, some tried multiple times, spent a lot of money, time and energy and passed the interviews. You most probably have known about the 'survival of the fittest' rule. That is the prime rule here while applying for visas. A lot of people get denied for visas and some of them are really genuinely driven people too, I don't deny, yes! That is the hard pill you have to swallow now!!
Us being the third world country, it will always be a burden on us to prove that you as an applicant are not going to be a potential immigrant. I cannot tell you now how the counselors decide on whether to allot you a visa or not. But this is a gamble we all have to play and go through. Just that you have to be ready with your genuine intentions and documents if applicable.
Now hope you will stop crying!

Posted on 03-16-23 9:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1529]     Reply [Subscribe]
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VIP लाई जस्तो red carpet लगाएर यहालाई अमेरीकामा प्रवेस दिएर स्वागत गर्न पर्ने कि कसो ?

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken Travel to Greece, February 20-21, 2023  - U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Greece

Posted on 03-20-23 1:37 PM     [Snapshot: 2068]     Reply [Subscribe]
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८ - १० बर्स अघि भिजिटर विसामा मेरो कजन आएको थियो , जाठोले क कसका डकुमेण्ट बोकी आएको अध्यागमनले पढे पछि एक महिनाको ईण्ट्रि भिसा पायो | म यतै बसम कि के गरौ भनि सोध्यो , मुजिले बठ्ठ्याइ गरि सोध्यो ! बस्छु भनेन ! अबैध बस्नेको हालत कस्तो हुन्छ यहा बर्णन गरि राख्नु पर्दैन होला |
नेपाल जाने सल्लाह दिए , Nepal फर्के पछि अफाह फ़ैलाएछ | दाईले बोलाएनन र उनले चाहेको भए बस्ने थिए | तेस्को दिमाग ठिक ठाउमा थिएन |
जाठोलाई दिएको सल्लाह ले काम गरेको कारण पी एच डि गर्यो र अहिले यतै छ ! यो मुजिले नेरो नामको जन्तर बाचुञ्जेल लगाएर बसे हुन्छ | साझामा सिगौरी खेल्न आउने झैँ यो मुजी पनि बाउठ्यो | यो मुजिको दिमागले दाईले Nepal जाने सल्लाह नदिएको भए मैले डा. झ्हुन्द्याउन र अमेरिका छिर्न पाउदिनथिए तिर कहिलै जादैन | गुण देखेंन , नेपाल फर्किनु परेको ब्यथा नानि पाउने सुत्केरी महिलाको भन्दा ठुलो छ र कहिलै बिर्सन सक्दैन |

यो काव्रे को पनि Nepal फर्किनु परे पछि दिमाग ठिक ठाउमा छैन |

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